An often (ab)used word, this time is definitely justifiable. In OPERATUS system each object or event takes the form of a dictionary object with an universal method of access. Thanks to the 'dictionary' architecture of the system as well as following that 'dictionarisation' of all data existing in the system, OPERATUS is very easy to expand, often without or with very little help of programmers.


OPERATUS in the current version is an application, which the user communicates using a web browser on any device (computer, tablet, smart-phone ...). However, it was constructed on the basis of years of experience in development of a desktop application with similar functionalities and purposes.

Integration with external devices

OPERATUS application integrates with various types of weighing, analytical, bar-codes reading, RFID and any other similar devices, which are adapted for such integration. Weighing and analyses results as well as other similar data appear automatically in the system, without human intervention.

Integration with external systems

Through the system of web-services OPERATUS is capable to integrate with any external aplication, no matter what technology was used for its construction. Various profiles of integrations were prepared, covering different ranges of integration of transmitted data. A certified partner sends data to the system OPERATUS and receives them back in the area belonging to him which is depending on the role it plays in OPERATUS objects.


Each user can reach the application using any device, on which he has an access to the network through a web browser.

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Tsblet
  • Smartphone