Comprehensive Solution For Inspection Bodies

Operatus is an all-in-one cargo inspection platform serving the continuous real-time monitoring of whole inspection process. It offers end to end uninterrupted data flow between nominating client, inspection body and other parties.



A comprehensive set of tools is provided for each participant of the process

  • Technologically advanced solutions
  • Uniform standards of work
  • Easy and adaptable electronic documents
  • Automatically self-supporting e-forms
  • All in one place with easy and immediate access (standards, procedures, files, methods, forms…)
  • Easy and unquestionable way of proceeding Noticeable manpower and costs saving

Back-office operator
  • Easy / one-button push procurement of required documents (reports, certificates…) of any (even
  • most unusual) content / construction
  • Clear and immediate access to the inspection results
  • Significant restriction of work volume in the office
  • Method of execution of orders bringing self- and customers satisfaction

  • Permanent real-time access to the inspection results on any type of device from any place all over the world
  • Clear and transparent picture of the situation on spot
  • Dedicated Clients’ portal with all current and archive files
  • E-mail and SMS notification at any stage of the proces

Selected functions for Surveyors wad


Full monitoring of each and every sample from its scheduling up to the expiry date. This also embraces sample delivery process (together with integration with courier system). 


The entire analysis process in one place. Full register of samples, methods, tests, results, equipment and reagents 


Manual registration of weighing results or direct (automatic) transfer from the weighing facility. The chart is linked to the registers of scales (and their expiry dates), warehouses, vessels, holds, compartments, lots.

Selected functions for back office operator

paper pencil

Each separate object is the client nomination for the separate job for an indicated inspection company or office. The orders are linked to the inspection charts, offers, prices, invoices, related emails / SMSes /dispatches.


The application offers the multilevel system of access, with no limit in number of levels, which can be dynamically created by users with adequate… level of access.


The entire analysis process in one place. Full register of samples, methods, tests, results, equipment and reagents.


The entire analysis process in one place. Full register of samples, methods, tests, results, equipment and reagents.

Selected functions for client wad

Real-Time Inspection 

Report Client using Operatus has permanent access online to current inspection results. Each and every step / result / observation is immediately registered with use of mobile device.

System without limits 

The application can be opened on any kind of device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) with use of almost any of presently used web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari...). The data are stored on the remote servers and can be reached by users from any place all over the globe.

B2B integration

OPERATUS can be integrated with any already existing external system, application or device. Various technologies are available, depending on preferences and availability, such as SOAP and REST web services, FTP servers and others.

Terms of use wad

SaaS (software as a service) is a software distribution model in which the application is stored and made available to users by the manufacturer via the Internet. This eliminates the need to install and run the program on the client computer. The SaaS model transfers the responsibilities of management, updating and technical support from the consumer to the provider.